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Stop-motion is not only an elegant storytelling technique but a bold creative approach that is certain to produce a special outcome.  Stop-motion is technically any animation that uses objects photographed in a sequence to create the illusion of movement and can take many forms, including claymation, silhouette, cut-out, puppets, action figures and more.

停止运动不仅是一种优雅的讲故事技巧,而且是一种大胆的创造性方法,肯定会产生特殊的结果。 停止运动在技术上是任何动画,它使用按顺序拍摄的物体来创造运动的幻觉,并且可以采取多种形式,包括粘土,轮廓,切口,木偶,动作人物等等。

Title: Paper Mario Sticker Star
Director: Can Can Club
Client: Nintendo
Agency: Leo Burnett Texas

Many believe stop-motion to be out of reach, either because talent is hard to find, or because they think it will be prohibitively expensive.  The good news is that Final Frontier is here to make it possible.  We work with world-class, highly experienced specialist stop-motion studios and producers who are able to advise on realistic approaches.

许多人认为停止运动是不可能的,要么是因为人才很难找到,要么是因为他们认为这会非常昂贵。 好消息是,最终前线在这里使它成为可能。 我们与世界一流,经验丰富的专业定格动画工作室和制作人合作,他们能够提供切合实际的方法。

Title: Bread Story
Director: Can Can Club
Client: Dempster
Agency: J. Walter Thompson Toronto

Title: Frances - Grow
Director: Le Cube
Client: Refuge
Agency: BBH London

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